• Kkaytoh – Time Flies EP


    time flies
  • Seion – Hello (Album)

    “Hello” is the first release from new ROS producer “Seion“. This is a small 5 track instrumental EP to give you some insight on what is to be expected from this up and coming producer. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD!

  • Joseph Jacobs – Resonant Sounds (Album)

    “Resonant Sounds” by Joseph Jacobs is now available for download! 12 jazzy hip-hop/ soulful instrumental tracks (8 which have not been yet released). CLICK TO DOWNLOAD!!

    Joseph Jacobs - Resonant Sounds
  • Helldogs Kris – Sun Stroked (FREE EP)

    The highly anticipated EP ‘Sun Stroked’ by ROS producer Helldogs Kris (HDK) is now available for FREE DOWNLOAD NOW! CLICK HERE!!

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  • Numatik – Shark, Sheep & Sharp Teeth (ALBUM)

    “Sharks, Sheep & Sharp Teeth” is emcee Numatik‘s first official release with us at Roots of Society Records. You can expect 15 hip-hop / jazzy hip-hop / soulful tracks featuring some members of the ROS team, as well as some new faces from around. DOWNLOAD TODAY!

    Sharks Sheep & Sharp Teeth OFFICIAL ARTWORK
22nd Oct

Joseph Jacobs – Trip to Space

New track "Trip to Space" by Joseph Jacobs. Be sure to check out his latest album "Resonant Sounds" by clicking here.

22nd Oct

Joseph Jacobs – Keep On (Feat. Telepathy)

New track from ROS members Joseph Jacobs x Telepathy titled "Keep On". Be on the lookout for a new album in the works by Telepathy featuring production from K-Murdock & much more coming soon!

22nd Oct

MARVELS – a rap music video about Comic Books & Superheroes

Jason Chu starts a kick starter campaign in hopes of raising enough money in order to shoot a music video for his single "MARVELS", which is a music video about the heroes who taught us how to dream. For more information about this kick starter and pledge goals, please check out the above video.

20th Oct
time flies

Kkaytoh – Time Flies EP

Kkaytoh released "Time Flies EP" today with us at Roots of Society Records. This is a 6 track compilation of tracks from 2011-2013. selected by Kkaytoh & BENEVOLENTvibe, We chose tracks from Kkaytoh's youtube channel, the original output of his music back in the day, to give an opportunity to tracks that were never given a proper release as well as a throwback to the "old days". We might do more of these later down the road, but to hold you guys down until his next album that he's working on, we present you this little EP. Love.

20th Oct

Kharisma – First Impressions (Album)

"First Impressions" by Kharisma is a new solo release featuring a batch of tracks made from after his latest release "Mirrors" until now. This project features a handful of producers from the ROS team, so be sure to give it a listen & a download!

20th Oct

Marquinch Mogule – Elixir​/​/​Boost (Album)

"Elixir // Boost" is a new solo project released recently by ROS producer Marquinch Mogule. You can purchase the project for only $3, or stream it for free. Also be sure to check out his latest release "Housewife EP" by clicking here.

17th Oct

NohaBeats – Never Settle Ft. Odd2C

"Never Settle" is a new track by Odd2C produced by ROS veteran NohaBeats. Be sure to check out his latest album "Cross Chatter", which features a couple other tracks by Odd2C as well.

29th Sep
llusion The Reviver

llusion The Revivier

To those who wonder, my name is pronounced LLUSION. I present it as "llusion" because the word "llusion" looks like the word "illusion", making it an illusion. I thought it was different and clever lol. " The Reviver" simply states that my goal is to revive that classic sound of sample based boom bap production we love and live to call Hip-Hop. I was always around Hip-Hop and good music as a young tike, but never fell in love with Hip-Hop, until I heard Nujabes. He introduced to me beautiful sounding Hip-Hop that...

29th Sep

SkyBlew – Falling off Your Cloud (prod. Grover)

Roots of Society producer "Grover" makes an appearance on SkyBlew's new album "SkyBlew's UNModern Life" with the track "Falling off Your Cloud".

29th Sep

llusion The Reviver – [ s o s ] / Stressed / Come Out

[ s o s ], Stressed & Come Out are a couple new tracks by ROS producer "llusion The Reviver". Expect an intro EP from him coming soon.